Our Team

Our Team

MISSION STATEMENT:  We help individuals who are experiencing unexplainable occurrences understand why the events are taking place in the environment.  We strive to resolve the paranormal incident by interview, initiating an investigation, assessing the evidence accumulated and making a presentation to the client.  As lightworkers we offer our guidance and understanding to educate the client and to help the spirit move on.  Above all we will do no harm.

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Mike Burton
Mike Burton

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Mike Burton

Founder / Director

Certified Paranormal Lead Investigator

Psychic / Medium


Mike was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and is proud to be a Florida Cracker. He experienced a strong psychic ability as a young child, however, was told it was his imagination. He temporarily lost contact with his ability from shutting it out.


After graduation from high school, Mike enlisted in the United States Air Force, where he was trained as an Aircraft Maintenance Specialist . Upon graduation from his technical schooling, Mike cross-trained becoming a paramedic and flew as a rescue jumper on an air search and rescue helicopter obtaining the rank of Staff Sergeant.


During this time period, he again experienced a very strong psychic connection. He continued to turn his back on his ability due to a lack of understanding as to what was occurring. After discharge Mike entered into local law enforcement and obtained his Associate of Arts Degree in Police Science and Administration and his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology. After 35 years of service, Mike retired from law enforcement in December 2006.


Mike and his wife Linda, actively, but secretly, conducted paranormal research for 30 years prior to their retirement. They felt the need to keep their research secret fearing their mental health would be questioned if their employer knew they "see dead people." Mike has a keen interest in the Native American Culture and is studying the ways of the Shaman. He is referred to as the "Spirit Horse."  He has accepted his gift and has reconnected to his psychic talent realizing that paranormal research is a "calling".